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The housing is made of aluminum, anodized with 50 microns (military treatment) to ensure the maximum durability and excellent resistance to wear and to sea salt.
This case is shaped according to the GO-PRO New Hero Black 9 (2019)
All controls are brought outside with high precision.
The case is realized starting from a single block of aluminum that ensures a maximum depth rating of – 250m. All commands are accessible through mechanical buttons.
The lateral hinge allows to open and close the case very easily.
Presence of a double O-ring seal, a Zinc for the protection from galvanic currents, and a predisposition cap for the optional external battery pack.
In the upper part of the case there is an M6 threaded blind hole and a locking pin hole. They allow to add other accessories such as an M6 ball for an additional lightning devices.
In the lower part of the case there are 4 threaded holes – 2 M6 + n.Kodak metric pitch. These holes allow to easily fix the housing on a tray.

HOUSING FOR GOPRO HERO 9 - 10 and 11 – TESTED – 250 M

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